Tallent Holsteins
 'Supplying tomorrow's UK Genetics today'
condon aero sharron

The Tallent herd is the complete package, owned by Anthony Brough, and based near Cockermouth in Cumbria, England, the cows excel for production, are classified well, offer high indexes and include some of the world's best cow families.

Condon Aero Sharon EX91 32* was an incredible purchase for us and the Pickford's at Picston, she has bred the worlds greatest sire- Picston Shottle, we are indebted to the opportunities she has given us, but there's more to Tallent, so please visit all the pages here and see how much Tallent has to offer- remember we are dedicated to 'supplying tomorrow's genetics today'

Most of our cow families have had new photos taken so check out their pages.

The main of the milking herd was sold five years ago to make the foundation of the Newtonrigg herd.

During 2018 we have classified 68 animals here at Tallent
Including 12 VG heifers, 8 EX cows and 18 VG cows

Particular highlights include

BELLES -Tallent Zeber Belle VG85-2yrs
with 9 gens VG or EX and she has a 2018 Applejax daughter, her dam is an EX93-2E Lauthority
and her four nearest dams are EX

ALMIRA / MANDYS - Tallent Silver Mandy 3 VG85-2yrs
Is 11 gens VG or EX, her dam is an EX90 Shottle, gdam EX90 LP50 Goldwyn
8th dam is the Jackbuilt Chaiman Mandy EX92

KIMOS - Tallent Charlie Kimo 2 VG87
completes 13 gens VG or EX with daughters by Applejax and Spectre

SUSIE MISTS- Distinctive Million Susie Mist EX93
She's the 7th generation VG or EX with a 12,682kg third lactation at 4.05% fat and 2.98% protein
2016 daughter by Silver

SABRINAS - Tallent Sid Sabrina 2 EX92
Completes 8 gens VG or EX
Has just topped 14,000kg in her third lactation at 4.62% fat and 3.32% protein
Her eldest daughter is now a VG87 2nd calf Topsy,
she has a 2016 Silver daughter, and a 2018 born Charley daughter

MANDYS- Tallent Shottle Mandy 12 EX90
She's 10 gens VG or EX fresh in her 4th with an Spectre daughter, and has twin daughters milking now by Silver scored VG85 and GP84, with a 2017 Applejax daughter and a 2018 Spectre daughter

GAYES - Tallent Silver Kaye 4 VG86-2yrs
She completes 9 gens VG or EX, while Tallent Balisto Gaye VG85-2yrs was scored the same day in April and is a
tenth gen VG or EX line of the family

DEBRAS - Tallent Silver Debra VG85-2yrs
With a January 2018 daughter by Applejax
Her dam is an EX91-3E Shottle and she completes 10 gens VG or EX

JULENAS- Tallent Commander Julena VG87
She's the 11th generation VG or EX
Daughters by Allstar and Applejax
1st lactation over 10,000kg


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