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Tallent Holsteins

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The flagship Belle at Tallent now is Tallent Shottle Belle 7 EX94-4E (see below)

Other high scoring Belles in recent years include:-

Tallent Lauthority Belle EX92- the dam of Casual Belle GP84-2yrs below, fifth gen straight EX, herself a daughter of Shottle Belle 7 EX94-4E, 2nd lactation 9788kg at 4.11% fat and 3.08% protein, she also has daughters by Zeber and Caviar.

Tallent Lauthority Belle 2 VG86-2yrs - just fresh in her 3rd with a January 2017 daughter by Larcrest Caballero, she has daughters by Aftershock and Silver, did 9070kg in her 2nd and is 8 gens VG or EX

Tallent Casual Belle GP84-2yrs - her five nearest dams are all EX, and she'll make an 8 gen VG or EX

Tallent Shottle Belle 12 EX91- herself a 4th gen straight EX, and 7 gens VG or EX, 2nd lact 10,093 kg in 305 days, daughters by Zeber and Fontaine

Tallent Goldwyn Belle VG87 - a daughter of the EX90 T Shottle Belle 9, now a third calver with heifers by Casual (Gp84-2yrs), Matcrest Sham Charlie and Caballero.

Tallent Revamp Belle VG87 - her dam is the VG88 T Zenith Belle 3. Revamp Belle has a 2nd lactation of 11,550kg in 305 days

Tallent Braxton Belle VG87 - her four nearest dams are EX, she's 8th gen VG or EX with a 2nd lact of 12,651kg and a 2015 daughter by Wickham

Tallent Bossman Belle VG86 - 2nd lact 9060kg at 4.18% fat and 3.2% protein, daughters by Patron and Zeber

Tallent Lavanguard Belle 3 VG85 - 9 generation VG or EX now a 3rd calver with daughters by Patron, Silver (January 2016) and Fontaine (Feb 2017)

Tallent Shottle Belle 7 EX94-4E
7th gen VG or EX from Tallent La Talent Belle2 VG86
From a VG86-2yrs heifer she has matured to an EX94-4E cow !

5th lact 12,971kg at 3.68% fat and 2.89% protein
VG87 daughter by Laudan, EX92 Lauthority daughter (see above)
Last calved with twin heifers by Fontaine in July 2016

 Tallent Shottle Belle 7


Kellywell Starbuck Belle

Kellywell Starbuck Belle EX90-2E

Starbuck x EX95 Kellywell Apollo Brandy

This cow founded the Belle family at Tallent

Over 140 family members have now been registered, of which there are 21 EX and 40 VG so far

This family line consists of both Belle's and Brandy's


Tallent Jordan Belle

Tallent Jordan Belle EX91-4E

Jordan x EX90 Skychief x EX90 Prelude x VG Counselor x EX90-2E Starbuck Belle

6th generation VG or EX, 5 of which are EX

Her Skychief dam gave over 90 tonnes lifetime and was a 3* brood cow

Dam of 3 VG daughters by Talent and Shottle

Best lact 3rd 305 days 11,572 kg at 4.07% fat & 3.07% protein


Tallent Liliy Brandy

Tallent Lily Brandy EX90-2E LP70

Lord Lily x EX90-2E Fatal x EX90-2E Inspiration x EX90-2E Starbuck Belle

5th Straight generation EX

6 lacts, over 10,000 kg

6th lact 305 days 11,713 kg at 4.03% fat % & 3.05% protein

Dam of T Shottle Brandy EX90, who in turn has bred 3 VG daughters by Boliver, Garrison & Fever


Tallent gelpro belle

Tallent Gelpro Belle EX90 - LP70

Gelpro x EX90 Skychief x EX90 Prelude x VG Counselor x EX90-2E Starbuck Belle

Sister to Jordan Belle EX91-4E (above), they have 2 VG sisters as well

She bred VG86 Pippen daughter and a VG88 Atlas daughter

Best lact 3rd 305 days 13,732 kg at 4.29% fat & 2.95% protein



Every herd needs a Belle of the ball!

Check back regularly for updates on this awesome family.


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