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Tallent Holsteins

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Described by Genus ABS as one of their most important families ever, this family excels for longevity!
We have registered 22 Julena family members at Tallent so far with 5 VG and 6 EX

The Matriarch is the EX94-9E - Tallent Dominator Julena

Other high scoring Julena's in recent years include:-

Tallent Commander Julena VG85-2yrs and now VG87
Her sire stack reads EX90 Lavanguard Julena x EX90 Million Julena x EX90 Bolton Julena
Completes 11 gens VG or EX
Calved in January 2017 with a daughter by Allstar and again in January 2018 with an Applejax daughter

Tallent Zelgadis Julena VG88-3yrs and now EX91 3rd calver
One of the herds classiest young cows
2015 daughter by Charlie now VG85 2yrs, 2016 daughter by Caballero also VG85-2yrs, and 2017 son by Kimball
1st lact 7197kg 305 days 4.6% fat and 3.45% protein
2nd lact 10648kg 305 days 4.88% fat and 3.57% protein
3rd lact 9850kg 305 days 4.81% fat and 3.48% protein

Tallent Lavanguard Julena now EX90
Completes 10 gens VG or EX
2nd lact 9765kg in 305 days at 3.83% fat and 2.9% protein
3rd lact 11942kg at 3.95% fat and 2.94% protein
Daughter of Tallent Million Julena EX90 LP50
VG87 daughter by Commander, 2016 heifer by Silver, 2017 daughter by Dalliance, 2018 daughter by Spectre


Tallent Bolton Julena

Tallent Bolton Julena EX90
is an 8th gen VG or EX daughter of Roy Julena VG89 LP50

4th lact 10,802kg at 3.73% fat and 3.01% protein
Dam of the EX90 Tallent Million Julena
4th lact 10053kg at 4.51% fat and 3.15% protein
EX90 daughter by Lavanguard, 2016 Shottle daughter and 2018 Dalliance daughter


Tallent Mtoto Julena

Tallent Mtoto Julena EX91

Mtoto x EX Dominator x EX Blackstar

6th generation VG or EX

4th lact. 305 day 13,834 kg at 3.74% fat & 3.06% protein

VG89 daughter by Roy (who is the dam of EX90 Bolton) and VG88 daughter by Bosside Roma Roman

Dam of Tallent Jenson by Bolton at Genus

Tallent Dombinator Julena

Tallent Dombinator Julena EX94-6E LP120

Dombinator x EX91-2E Blackstar x VG88 Chief Mark (dam of Juror) x VG 86 Sexation

5 lactations over 12,000 kg


ked blackstar julena

Ked Blackstar Julena EX91

Blackstar x VG88 Chief Mark (dam of Juror) x VG 86 Sexation

Half sister to the dam of Ked Outside Jeeves

Jeeves is high type, and production and excels for longevity

She has bred 4 EX UK daughters by Mascot & Dominator


ked mark justine

Ked Mark Justine VG88

VG88 Chief Mark x VG 86 Sexation x VG86 Bootmaker x VG88 Bootmaker

Dam of influential sire Ked Juror

She produced 145 tonnes of milk in her lifetime, and her two nearest dams produced 150 tonnes of milk between them in their lives



If this family doesn't spell longevity at Tallent we don't know what will !

Check back regularly for updates on this awesome family.


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