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Tallent Holsteins

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Tallent Lauthority Beth EX90-2E

Beth is the 7th generation VG or EX
Lauthority x VG87 Shottle x EX90 Champion x VG88 Convincer x EX90 Emory x EX91 Leadman x VG87
3rd lactation 9738kg 305 days 3.81% fat and 3.24% protein
4th lactation 11530kg 305 days 3.51% fat and 2.98% protein
This family stems from the purchase of embryos from Hidden-View Beth VG88
These resulted in the EX90 Tallent Champion Beth who gave 12,763kg in her 2nd lact
at 3.94% fat and 3.17% protein
Lauthority Beth has daughters by Casual (VG85), Charlie (VG87) and Silver and we have other youngstock in the family by Allstar, Fontaine, Caviar, Topsy, Wickham, Kimball and Zeber

Tallent Allstar Beth VG85-2yr

Allstar Beth is the 9th generation VG or EX, scoring VG in March 2019, she is a grand daughter of the Lauthority Beth EX90-2E


Hidden view beth
Hidden View Beth VG88 - the start of the Beth's

Distinctive Million Susie Mist EX93

Another 7th generation VG or EX, this family was introduced by the purchase of this cow as a calf
EX93 Million x VG87 Gibson x EX90 Storm x EX92 Integrity x EX93-3E Leadman x
EX91 Chief Mark x EX94 Elevation
She has matured nicely - her 2nd lactation is 9994kg at 4.66% fat and 3.11% protein
3rd lact 12682kg 305 days 4.05% fat and 2.98% protein
The family is now hopefully coming along with the first Susie Mist under the Tallent prefix
Her Silver daughter born Decemember 2016 Tallent Silver Susie Mist

croagh susie mist 3
Croagh Susie Mist 3 - gdam of Million Susie Mist


Dunnerdale Shottle Sabrina 2 EX90-2E 4* LP90 SP

Sabrina is the 7th generation straight EX
Shottle x EX92-2E Goldwyn x EX94-7E Integrity x
EX94-6E Prelude x EX Bell x EX Valiant
3rd lactation 16,753kg at 4.3% fat and 3.13% protein in 305 days
Her highest scored daughter so far is Tallent Sid Sabrina 2 EX92-2E
who is now in her 4th lactation
3rd lactation 305 days 14202kg at 4.62% fat and 3.32% protein
Sid Sabrina 2's eldest daughter is a VG87 Topsy 2nd calver and she has a Feb 2016 Silver daughter
Shottle Sabrina 2 has 2015 and 2016 daughters by Silver

Tallent Caviar Sabrina VG85-2yrs

The latest Sabrina to see the classifier in March 2019,
she has a January born Spectre heifer and is a 9th generation VG or EX from the Sabrina,
her dam being the VG87 Topsy and gdam being Sid Sabrina 2 EX92-2E(above)

Dunnerdale Shottle Sabrina 2


Kellywell Lheros Debra EX92-4E

Lheros x VG86 Jordan x VG87 Convincer x VG85 Wade x EX94 Jed Deborah
x EX94 Darlene x EX95 Dellia

2nd lact 9334kg in 305 days at 4.07% fat and 3.13% protein

8 generations VG or EX

She has bred two EX daughters at Tallent
Tallent Bolton Debra EX91-3E
She has a VG85 Balisto 2015 daughter and a Zeber 2016 daughter
and Tallent Shottle Debra EX91-3E
Who has 2015 daughter by Charlie (GP84) and calved twice in 2016 with daughters by Silver (now VG85) and Fontaine



Loford Rudolph MarciLoford Mtoto Marci


Loford Rudolph Marci EX91-2E 24* & Loford Mtoto Marci EX92-2E

So far we have registered 29 family members, including 10 VG and 2 EX

6 generations VG or EX

Tallent Bolton Marci VG87
Her three nearest dams are all EX, so she completes 6 gens VG or EX
6th lactation 13,192kg at 3.13% fat and 2.83% protein
GP82 daughter by Diehard

Tallent Bolton Marci

Tallent Shottle Marci 3 VG87

3rd lact 10,993kg at 4.09% fat and 3.11% protein

EX90-2E LP70 daughter by Laudan who has a VG86 Lauthority daughter and a VG86 Dorcy daughter


Tallent Liliy Vick Tallent aaron vick


Tallent Lily Vick VG86 & Tallent Aaron Vick VG86

There are over 25 Vicks in the family at Tallent, the cows above are dam and daughter

Descendants of Sunnylodge Chief Vick VG86

Aaron Vick VG86 LP50 has 4 lactations all over 10,000kg
and has bred an EX91-3E daughter by Mr Sam and a VG86 Magna daughter

Tallent Lauthority Vick VG88
2nd lact 8637kg 305 days at 4.13% fat and 3.28% protein
3rd lact 10377kg 305 days at 4.13% and 3.17%
Daughter of T Sam Vick EX91-3E
Dam of VG85-2ys T Charlie Vick 2 and 2015 Silver daughter

Our most recently scored Vicks include:-
Tallent Charlie Vick VG88 who has a Dec 2016 Shottle daughter and
has bred a 2018 Chamber daughter in the Springlebee herd


Mickerra Prelude Gaye 9Tallent add gaye


Some of the recently scored Gaye members include:-

Tallent Lavanguard Gaye 2 VG86
3rd lactation 10543kg in 305 days at 4.46% fat and 3.11% protein
She's a 10th gen VG or EX, with a GP83-2yrs Charlie daughter and a GP82 daughter by Silver

Tallent Lavanguard Gaye 3 VG86
Daughter of Tallent Shottle Gaye 6 EX92-3E LP70
6 nearest dams are all EX
3rd lact 9333kg 305 days 3.73% fat 3.23% protein
2017 daughter by Applejax, 2018 daughter by Calumet

Tallent Observer Gaye VG85
Her dam is the VG85 Tallent Shottle Gaye 3 VG85 3* LP50 SP
August 2016 daughter by Gillette Caviar (GP84-2yr), 2017 daughter by Poldark, 2018 Commander daughter
Completes 9 gens VG or EX

the Gaye family stems from

Mickerra Prelude Gaye 9 EX92-4E 6* & Tallent Add Gaye EX91-3E 7* LP100

We have registered over 60 members of the Gaye family since the purchase of Mickerra Prelude Gaye 9 EX92-4E 6*

Her dam was Mickerra Blackstar Gaye EX92-4E LP80 11*

Prelude Gaye bred 2 multiple EX and 1 VG87 daughter, including Tallent Add Gaye who completes 6 generations VG or EX

We have just had a son tested successfully by Genus from the Gaye family, he is a Boliver son from Tallent Roy Gaye VG87 5* LP50 herself a daughter of
Tallent Add Gaye EX91-3E (pictured above).
The bull is Tallent Goldmine with one of his early daughters pictured below

Tallent Sam Gaye EX91-2E
is another big scoring maternal sister to Goldmine
8th generation VG or EX
2nd lact 10,769kg at 4.76% fat and 3.4% protein

Tallent Sam Gaye

Click here for more information about Goldmine

Grahamfarms Goldmine 184
Grahamfarms Goldmine 184 grade (3-4)
Grahamfarms Goldmine 184


Singing Brook S Mandy Tallent Lily Mandy


Singing-Brook Stdy Mandy 7 & Tallent Lily Mandy EX90-2E

From the family that brought you Mascot, there have been 9 EX and 28 VG progeny bred at Tallent

Singing-Brook Stdy Mandy 7 VG87 started the Mandy family at Talent, she bred a VG86 LP100 8* Slocum daughter, who was the dam of Lily Mandy EX90-2E and EX91 3*, VG86 and GP83 sisters

There are now 11th generation VG or EX Mandy's at Tallent
We have a number of new high scoring Mandy's

Tallent Casual Mandy VG85
Daughter of Tallent Shottle Mandy 12 now EX90
11 gens of VG or EX, with a February 2017 daughter by Allstar and 2018 daughter by Applejax

Tallent Bluesky Mandy EX90
1st lact 10,219kg in 305 days at 3.53% fat and 3.13% protein
3rd lactation 305 days 11585kg at 4.27% fat and 3.00% protein
VG86 daughter by Beau, 2016 daughter by Blake, 2018 daughter by Applejax
11th gen VG or EX, 3rd gen straight EX

Tallent Bossman Mandy now EX92-2E
2nd lactation 305 days 8929kg at 4.08% fat and 3.2% protein
3rd lact 8277kg 305 days 4.46% fat and 3.35% protein
Dam is Tallent Buckeye Mandy VG88
9 generations VG or EX
VG86 daughter by Charlie is now 10th generation VG or EX of this line

Tallent Charlie Mandy VG86-2yrs
1st lactation 305 days 9836kg 305 days 4.49% fat and 3.14% protein
10th generation VG or EX
June 2017 daughter by Fontaine

Tallent Beacon Mandy VG85
Outcross pedigree VG85 Beacon x VG88 Breakout x VG85 Garrison x VG86 Gelpro
Completes 11 gens VG or EX
Daughter by Topsy is now GP83-2yrs




2 EX & 8 VG

Tallent Emerson Lulu


1 EX, 1 VG

Tallent Jed Angela


7 EX, 17 VG

Picston Starbuck Miss America


2 EX, 5 VG


There are many more great families at Tallent

Check back regularly for updates on other families.


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