condon aero sharon

Tallent Holsteins

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This family continues to deliver, here are just some of the current stars of the family:-

Tallent Bossman Shady VG87
2nd lactation 8854kg at 3.8% fat and 3.2% protein
Dam is VG85 Drake, Gdam T Gelpro Shady EX92-2E
Completes 11 gens VG or EX
2015 Daughter by Zeber

Tallent Charlie Chamois 2 GP83-2yrs
From the VG85 T Lauthority Chamois, Gdam Mtoto Chamois VG87, then Condon Aero Sharon EX91

Tallent Lauthority Chamois EX91
Outcross line x VG86 Million x VG86 Garrison x VG85 Jocko Besne
Completes 11 gens VG or EX
2nd lactation 9981kg at .68% fat and 3.13% protein
Daughters by Charlie and Caviar

Tallent Million Shine EX90-2E
3rd lactation 10,016kg in 305 days
3 gens straight EX, 8 gens VG or EX
Has bred four daughters by Lavanguard, Trigger, Cancun and Blake

Tallent Bossman Shine EX90
2nd lactation 9751kg in 305 days
2016 daughter by Fitz

Tallent La Talent Chamois VG85
Dam T Mtoto Chamois VG87, Gdam Condon Aero Sharon
2nd lactation 9055kg at 3.89% fat and 3.3% protein
September 2016 daughter by Picasso Red, 2015 daughter by Zeber
Completes 8 gens VG or EX

Tallent Lauthority Chamois 4 VG85
Sister to La Talent Chamois above
2nd lactation 9775kg at 3.93% fat and 2.92% protein
GP83-2yrs daughter above by Charlie - T Charlie Chamois 2
Dec 2016 daughter by Silver

Tallent Bolton Shady GP82

 Tallent Bolton Shandy

Bolton x VG Jayson x EX92-2E Gelpro x EX90 Astre x VG Mark x EX91 Condon Aero Sharon

Many generations further down the line but just as good

This family always delivers

2nd lact 8493kg in 305 days at 3.54% fat and 2.75% protein


condon aero sharon

Condon Aero Sharon PI EX91 68*

Prelude x VG Inspiration x VG Commissioner

Setting solid foundations for today's breed

This outstanding cow is 6th gen VG or EX and the UK's most coveted star brood cow- ever

She has bred 8 EX and 19 VG

Of these 4 EX and 9 VG's carry the Tallent prefix


Tallent Shine

Tallent Shine EX91-2E

Gelpro x Sharon x VG Inspiration x VG Commissioner

She re scored in her 4th lactation with EX95 Dairy Strength

She has a VG87 daughter by Bosside Roma Roman - Tallent Roman Shine

Tallent Patron Shannon

Tallent Patron Shannon EX90

Patron x Sharon x VG Inspiration x VG Commissioner

One of three Patron daughters of Sharon, who scored 2 at EX90, 1 at VG89

She gave nearly 15,000 kg in 305 days in her 2nd lactation


tallent gelpro shady

Tallent Gelpro Shady EX92-2E

Gelpro x EX Astre x VG Chief Mark x Sharon

Completes 9 generations VG or EX

Her dam gave over 100 tonnes lifetime

Family development at its best, she has VG daughters by Jayson, Drake & Shottle


tallent chacane

Tallent Chacane VG87 LP80

Gelpro x Sharon x VG Inspiration

Another great Gelpro daughter from Sharon herself, 5 lactations over 11,000kg

Dam of the VG Convincer below as well as a Drake daughter


Tallent convincer chacane

Tallent Convincer Chicane VG85

Convincer x Gelpro x Sharon x VG Inspiration

This VG 2 yr old has bred sons by Freelance and Drake

Daughter of the VG Convincer above



There are many more great family members at Tallent

Check back regularly for updates on this awesome family.


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